Md.Mohsin Miah is a successful entrepreneur with a span of 35 years of professional experience. His entrepreneurship career is full of diversity including tea plantation, real estate development, hotel & resorts, international trading, food grain, edible and cooking oils, flour mills, information technology etc. He has a track record of innovation and resilience in his business leadership resulting into success with different types of business endeavors. His tea gardens are a clear proof of extraordinary strategies and vision of success.
His enterprising spirit, business acumen and pragmatic approach for developing a new business, expanding a smaller business to a larger one from an entrepreneur’s perspective are very impressive. He loves to take new challenges and applies to his own business before he promotes the ideas and experience to others.
Mr.Mohsin Miah contributed to the planning and development of public utilities, public infrastructures and modernization of telecommunications etc. As part of his social service, he helped to develop the society by community development, providing medical and educational services to the distressed and underprivileged community. 
Mr.Mohsin is the owner and promoter of diversified business enterprises such as Managing Director & Chairman of Mohsin Tea Holding Company Limited, Chairman of Jalalabad Flour Mills Limited, Managing Director of Spring Garden Limited, Managing Director of Edible Oil Company limited, Managing Director of Miah Technologies Limited, Director of Tetulia Tea Company Limited, Owner of Hotel Mohsin Plaza, Mohsin Bricks, Mohsin Real Estate and Share Holder of National Tea Company Limited.